Mountain West Pilates Reviews

Mountain West Pilates is the best! Most importantly, the instructors are incredible and there's a great variety of classes. The environment is amazing - the studio is beautiful and clean and everyone who comes in contributes to making everyone else feel supported

Megan B.

Finding MWP and the amazing community in it has been such a blessing. The classes are phenomenal, the staff is so friendly and helpful, and the things I am learning about myself and my body are so great. If you haven’t tried out a class yet, this is your sign to do it!

Keely Kapp

MWP has literally changed my life. I was diagnosed with adrenaline fatigue, and was told to de-stress and workout. However working out at home left me feeling dizzy and faint. I've been going to Mountain West Pilates for 4 almost 5 months now. I can go up the stairs without losing my breath, I can pick up laundry off the floor without getting dizzy, I can do so many things now that were exhausting before. Workouts on the reform machine are incredible! Strengthening my body laying down, has given me the stamina I need to live my life standing up.

The instructors are all incredible, and it's a ZERO judgment zone, which is huge. I've never once felt embarrassed or judged, even in the beginning when I was new I needed help figuring out the machine, and help with the exercises. The way they do scheduling makes booking classes a breeze, with classes being available morning, afternoon, and evenings. There's a class that can fit into anyone's schedule!

I think their pricing is incredibly reasonable, and competitive with other establishments in the valley. I would frankly pay even more to be able to take classes from these instructors, and be in this positive environment. You really can't put a price on your health, and my health has improved greatly, both physically and mentally since joining Mountain West Pilates.

Krista Sperry

I highly recommend MWP!!! I have always wanted to try Pilates on the reformer and I have not been disappointed! Camie is very knowledgeable, professional and just a lovely person. I’ve been taking classes for just over 2 months and I am seeing great results and getting a lot of compliments! I did not look this toned during my 4 years of cross fit. 🤭 Book a class with Camie, you will love it! She’s made a believer out of me. 🤘

Michelle Rosenvall

Five stars without a doubt!

Matt Jones

Camie has a gift in making you feel comfortable and understanding what your body needs. I always go away from my session feeling so much better!

Denise McEwan Knight

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