Pilates in Pleasant Grove

Pilates Offers More Than Just A Workout!

If you've ever practiced pilates, you know that there's nothing quite like it. You'll get a total-body workout, expanding outward from your core -- but unlike weightlifting at the gym or long-distance running, the focus is on breathing and precision. Mountain West Pilates will guide you through each movement, helping you perfect the art of pilates and get the most out of every session. Training with us in Pleasant Grove will offer you weight loss, a powerful core, and an incredible community. 

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What Makes Pilates Different?

Pilates is a personalized, scalable workout that adapts to your body and your needs. Not only will pilates help you develop strong, lean core muscles, but our team at Mountain West Pilates can help you lose weight and achieve your fitness goals. We offer the best blend of traditional and contemporary pilates to people across Pleasant Grove. Our Group Reformer classes will guide you through sessions on Pilates reformers to tone, strengthen, and shape your body. Reformers are great low-impact strength training workouts that focus on the core and overall muscle strength. When you exercise with us, you'll enjoy a stronger and more flexible body as well as a more focused mind. 

Our pilates classes will give you:
  • The opportunity to create sustainable weight loss
  • Lean muscle growth and a powerful core
  • Reduced stress and anxiety in everyday life
  • A supportive and uplifting community

Pilates offers so much more than a great workout. It creates mental, physical, and spiritual balance. Our mission at Mountain West Pilates is to help people from across Pleasant Grove create lasting health and wellness through pilates!

Try A Pilates Class Right With Us in Pleasant Grove!

Whether your goal is lose weight, improve your flexibility, or simply enhance your wellness and create a better quality of life, our instructors at Mountain West Pilates can help. Through pilates, you can recalibrate your life and get better sleep, experience higher energy levels, and reduce your stress. Why not try a class with us here in Pleasant Grove and see how pilates can help you?

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