What to Wear to Pilates: The Essentials for Your Closet

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What to Wear to Pilates: The Essentials for Your Closet

Many forms of exercise call for certain clothes to supplement the workout, so you may be wondering, “what should I wear to pilates?” The short answer is; something fitted and functional – but don’t let your wardrobe stop you from starting your fitness journey. 

The best way to discover what clothes work for you is to attend a free beginner's pilates class. Don’t worry about your flexibility, skill, or fitness level; pilates is an individualized workout that can be modified to wherever you are at. 

To give you some context, experts are attributing the increasing popularity of Pilates to the COVID-19 pandemic when people started shifting from high-intensity exercise to more intentional movement. No longer is exercise just focused on fitness and performance; pilates is paving the way for exercise that enhances the mind as well.

Whatever you choose to wear for your pilates workout, make sure it is comfortable so you can focus on mind and body connection. Here are the 5 essentials for your pilates wardrobe.

The Best Tops to Wear to Pilates

Your current workout tops can almost certainly be used for pilates as well, as long they aren’t too flowy or ill-fitting. Pilates is all about controlled breathing and precise movements, so fitted clothing will help you better monitor your form and control your breath. 

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  • Fitted Tops

A good place to start is a comfortable, fitted top. Choose a top that allows you to move and breathe freely to allow for ultimate function. You want to wear something that enhances your mobility and doesn’t hinder it. 

  • Low Impact Sports Bra

Since pilates is a low-impact workout, extra padding and support are optional but not necessary. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable in your body. Pilates is designed to build your confidence and reclaim your fitness, so opt for a sports bra that sets your mind at ease.

The Bottoms You Should Wear to Your Pilates Class

When it comes to bottoms, choose something flexible and comfortable. Natural fabrics such as cotton are always a safe bet. Stay away from anything that will ride up while you are moving through your pilates class so you can focus on your mind and body connection.

  • High-waisted Leggings or Biker Shorts

High-waisted bottoms are a great way to ensure your clothes won’t shift throughout your workout. As long as your bottoms are stretchy and compressed enough to stay in place, the length is up to your discretion! 

  • Yoga Pants or Flared Leggings

Yoga pants, recently rebranded as “flared leggings,” are also a great option because they allow for freedom of movement. 

  • One-Piece Set

A current fan favorite for pilates is the one-piece set. It is built for fluidity in movement. Whatever you wear, whether it is a one or two-piece set, it should feel like an extension of your skin!

The Accessories You’ll Need for Pilates 

While you’re leaving your house for your favorite pilates class, you’ll want to make sure you bring a couple of things to help elevate your experience. Don’t forget your grip socks, a hair tie, and a water bottle! Now enjoy your workout; you deserve it.

  • Grip Socks

If you don’t want to go barefoot, invest in a pair of cute grip socks, and they will transform your pilates experience. Depending on the pilates studio, they may require them as well. Grip socks help you with stability and balance while also protecting your feet.

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  • Hair tie

Believe it or not, you will be working up a sweat during your pilates workout, and your luxurious locks or bound to get in the way. So bring a hair tie, just in case.

  • Waterbottle

Of course, don’t forget to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated! 



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