How Much Are Pilates Classes? (Price Guide for 2023)

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How Much Are Pilates Classes? (Price Guide for 2023) 


The Pilates “craze” is taking over as the new HOT workout. You don’t want to be the last one to find out why! 


There’s no surprise this exercise method is so popular; the physical and mental health benefits can’t be ignored! Pilates is a discipline that utilizes deliberate movements and cognitive performance to develop balance, flexibility, and muscle stamina. 

Certainly, YOU are the best investment you can make.


Free Pilates Resources 

The best way to understand the hype behind this new workout is to try Pilates out yourself! Here are a few ways to try Pilates with no strings attached.

Free Pilates Trial Class 

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Trying out new workout methods is like dating. You want to test your options and experience different things before committing to one thing (or person). If you’re going to be investing time and money in this, keep these things in mind:

  • Overall environment

  • Variety of class offerings

  • Physical Proximity


Most studios offer a free introductory class. Getting to experience all the member perks provides you with some insight into a long-term membership!


Book your free Pilates class today!


Free Online Classes 

Don’t have a pilates studio nearby or tight on money? Don’t worry; you can still participate at home with mat Pilates!

While nothing can replace a Pilates class's friendly, supportive environment, you can still get the mental and physical results from your living room. 

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There are countless free mat pilates classes online that you can easily add to your schedule. Most likely, you don’t have a pilates reformer in your home, but pilates can also be done on a yoga mat or your living room rug.

Cost of a Drop-in Pilates Class 

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Reasons you may come in for a drop-in pilates class:

  • You aren’t ready to commit to a month-to-month membership

  • You have a friend who wants to join you for a class

  • You’re visiting a new town and want to experience their pilates studio

  • You will only attend a pilates class a couple of times per month


If you attend three or fewer Pilates sessions each month, it would be cheaper to pay class by class. 


The average drop-in Pilates class costs around $30 per session. The location, type of class, and length-of-class factor into this cost!


Cost of Month-to-Month Pilates Pass 

Ready to join the Pilates world?!


If you plan to attend more than 3 sessions per month, you will benefit from investing in a month-to-month membership! Depending on the number of monthly classes you attend, a membership can cost anywhere between $79 and $200.

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Why Pilates Costs More Than Your Average Workout  



Every Pilates instructor is trained to help you perform exercises safely and effectively. They will demonstrate the necessary techniques and provide appropriate feedback and encouragement. 


The quality of an in-person instructor is irreplaceable! Pilates class sizes are relatively small, allowing the instructor to modify movements for class members and offer individual instruction!



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Pilates reformers are incredibly expensive. Pilates studios allow you to use the equipment without investing in your own! Pilates classes tend to cost a little more than your average workout to support the high equipment and maintenance costs.


It is all worth the price once you notice the mental and physical changes!


Is Pilates Worth Your Money?


Do you need help finding a workout that you enjoy? 


Do you struggle to be consistent? 

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A month-to-month membership can motivate you to show up for your instructor and friends. It’s incredibly helpful to have a group of people holding you accountable for your fitness goals!

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