COVID-19 Precautions

COVID-19 Precautions

COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, has impacted our society and encouraged us to use proven methods to keep our communities healthy and safe. With our local government's guidelines, we are excited to begin classes on May 4, 2020!

Safety is our number one priority and below you will find a list of measure and precautions we have taken to ensure the safety of our guests.

1. Use of every other reformer. This will ensure that we follow the CDC's 6ft social distancing guideline.

2. Maximum of 4 clients per session. Our studio space is 900 sq ft. Utah's recommendation is 1 person per 150 sq ft. Although this means we can technically have 6 people in the studio, we feel that 4 clients keeps our numbers well within the guidelines.

3. Sanitizing each reformer and studio between sessions. We will use disinfectants on each reformer, piece of equipment, door handles, bathrooms, water stations, and all other necessary places between each session to keep our clients as safe as possible.

4. Hand sanitizer station. We have installed a hand sanitizing station at the entrance to our studio and require each client to use hand sanitizer when they enter the studio and when they leave. 

5. Spread out class schedule. We are increasing the time between each session to ensure our instructors and office manager has enough time to sanitize the studio between each session.

6. Regulating a healthy environment. We will not allow anyone into the studio who is showing signs of illness and will ask them to leave if they are sick or appear to be sick.

7. Masks and gloves recommended. We HIGHLY recommend that our guests wear masks. 

8. No late cancellation fee. We encourage guests who are not feeling well or have been around someone who is ill to stay home. We are not charging a late cancellation fee if class reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of class. 

9. New signs posted around the studio. We have hung up signs around the studio explaining the precautions we have taken and what we expect from our clients. We are all in this together and as we do our part to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and other illnesses, we will get through this!

10. Online classes and community. We understand that some of our clients prefer to do online classes for now which is why we have created an amazing online community. We offer 30-minute barre and pilates classes, a community forum, weekly challenges, and a place to get all of your questions answered. Visit to join us online! 

11. Open communication. Like always, we thrive on your input and feedback! Please reach out to us with ANY questions, concerns, or comments you may have. We love our clients and want you to feel safe and comfortable while you are here. 

Thank you for your support during this time! We appreciate you! 

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